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Mocha suffering from the poisoned candy she ate to keep from her friends. Scotch reveals that Brownbeard is on their kill list as well and proves it by playing a Den Den Mushi recording of Caesar giving the order dismissing him as expendable. Caesar Clown's true form is finally revealed. The samurai explains that he ate an "unusual fruit", that gave him the power to disguise himself and others, but with the side effect that the clothes will disappear as soon as they are taken off. The boss then mistakes Zoro for the samurai who cut down his men. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. The crew gets into the boat and begin to make their way across, but one of the centaur throws a rock at the ship right as they are rowing across the river. Taken by surprise, Monet tells him that unless he can fly, there is no way out of the basement. Die Piraten erreichen eine brennende Insel mit dem Namen Punk Hazard, wo Ruffy, Zorro, Lysop und Robin das Glück ereilt, die Insel erkunden zu dürfen. Meanwhile a few moments earlier outside, Baby 5 and Buffalo have arrived via Buffalo's Guru Guru no Mi ability which he uses to make himself into a makeshift bi-plane.[43]. Smoker inquires about how he knew of Punk Hazard as it's top secret, worrying that he's doing business with the criminal underworld but Kuzan tells him he has not changed. Some even start putting in calls to their bosses about what happened, including Pekoms and Tamago. But he responds by firing a mobile version of the Gaon Cannon, the General Cannon, at the two. Caesar warns Luffy again about just who he is dealing with before trying to attack Luffy again with Gastille, a gas burner attack. Nami punches Sanji for peeping on her body by changing coats (in truth he had taken it off to dive into the lake to retrieve Kin'emon's upper body). Suddenly, Luffy's group arrives in time to witnesses Nami in Franky's body hitting Sanji in her body. He realizes the scent of gas on the ship. Soon the kids, the Marines and what left of Caesar's former subordinates all gather around to eat. The children are getting ready to leave the island on the tanker with the Marines. Then one year later, their master, Caesar, appeared, cured them of the poison with his powers and made devices that allowed them to float off the ground.[14]. Meanwhile, Shinokuni is filling Building B, as the children run for the exit, along with Zoro and Tashigi. Law states that he cannot let them leave the island anymore, and Smoker begins to fight Law. Franky opens fire upon the pair, hitting Buffalo. Franky meanwhile manages to blast the lab door open. However, the man is presumably killed before the conversation can continue. Caesar notes that Smiley died and hopes they meet again. Law escapes, and the two of them clash, sending the warship pieces flying and forcing the Marines to retreat. [13], Meanwhile, in the newly founded G-5 Marine shelter, Smoker, in Tashigi's body realizes what the CC he saw on the ships actually stood for. Caesar shows concern for the centaur's welfare and offers them a medicine which will heal them.[14]. Law's obligations suddenly increase when Luffy entreats the Warlord of the Sea for help with both the children and Kin'emon since some of his crew want to help them. Luffy then asks Law who Joker is, and Law reveals him to be Donquixote Doflamingo, and also states he used to be an underling of him. Chopper gives him one of the Rumble Balls and tells him only to use it in emergency, but before he finishes his sentence, Franky transforms into Monster Point and goes into a rampage. Z's Ambition Arc There will not be a download. Afterwards, some strange people appear on the ship and decide to take the pirates, except for Brook, to "M", their master. Brownbeard ended up on the island a year after his crew were wiped out and had given up hope when he was found by Caesar and his group. Momonosuke also mentions that he had overheard Caesar telling his underling Monet of how the giant experiment was unstable and that the kids will die in five years if they continue being experimented on. While Caesar is pleased with the results he notices his prisoners nor the G-5 Marines were caught in the gas. Vergo informs Law of the message from Doflamingo, "what a shame. Hearing this angers Luffy and he vows to get out and help the kids. No matter what I do, my allies always take over one of the territories before Caesar even appears. He swings on the slime causing it to catch fire and explode. Back on the island, everything settles down and the group get to work on recovering. They arrive at a door, ready to arrest anyone who is there. One of his men then report one of the G-5's ships on the shore of the island, to which the gas commands that they get rid of it. [2], Despite Usopp's fear, the crew enters, finding it blazing-hot with most of the buildings melted. Another subordinate knocks her away before Doflamingo uses his power to halt her attack. Vergo lays waste to the Marines, much to their confusion. The story goes into a flashback a few moments earlier as Chopper and Mocha were trying to barricade the door to the Biscuits Room.[39]. Caesar, Monet, Vergo e tanto altro in questa prima parte dell’ultima uscita del Databook, quella riguardante l’arco di Punk Hazard. Chopper disagrees, showing that what he found in the kids' bodies was NHC10, a stimulant drug, that is only used by selected doctors around the world (of which was Dr. Kureha, which is why Chopper knows about it) but it highly addictive in larger dose. Nami realizes that even through they got out of the maelstrom, the current caused by the pod is still dangerous to them and they need to raise the sails to ride it. Luffy tries to pursue him but Monet gets in his way, claiming "Joker" will kill her if something happens to Caesar prompting Luffy to question Doflamingo's motivations. The Brothers then explain how they have poison gas in their rifles, and how Nami's friends are going to have to follow the footprints to find them. Chopper tries to spot the enemy but cannot tell where they are. Dressrosa Arc They then decide to attack the centaurs and steal their warm clothes. However he appears from above, alive and well, and even managed to save some Marines who could not make it through the gate. Doflamingo in Dressrosa talking to Vergo about Law's betrayal. He then turns into gas and puts himself inside a beaker.[8]. The brokers who are watching this are astonished by Caesar's defeat. Hey !!!! [45], Meanwhile the Donquixote Pirates have noticed that he has departed from Dressrosa and is flying across the ocean heading toward Punk Hazard having grown concerned when Monet did not answer his call. Soon the blob dissolves into gas and begins to spread. Though a bit of panic sets in when Brook accidentally drops Kin'emon, thinking he has killed him. One of the centaurs is caught in it and is suddenly petrified. The trolley soon reaches the exit. Meanwhile, Brook uses his astral form to observe the outside of the base, and informs them that it is impossible to go outside without dying. [35], Caesar forms a plan to usher the intruders into the R room's first floor then open the shutters to the C and D room trapping them on all sides with the gas. The attack knocks out Baby 5, however Buffalo and Caesar are still conscious but knocked out of the sky. Chopper, seeing this from his hiding spot, starts panicking and wonders what to do. With only twenty minutes left before the gas fills the whole B Block, Monet and Zoro continue their battle while Robin assures Nami and Chopper that she is fine.[36]. [24], Back in front of Caesar's Lab, the G-5 marines notice Caesar's Flying Gas Balloon. Mocha remembers her friends promising to each other that when they get older, they will reunite and go on an adventure. Both Caesar's and Smoker's men panic and try to get out of the way of the raining slime. Caesar retaliates by detonating his bomb which led to the decimation of the island, ending the flashback.[35]. Meanwhile, on a G-5 Marine ship, Vice Admiral Smoker is commenting that while there were three islands the Straw Hats could have gone to, but they have somehow gone to Punk Hazard, which was closed off due to an incident four years ago. Luffy manages to avoid the blade and prepares to finish him with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling. [17], Meanwhile, behind the laboratory, Nami is screaming for the Yeti Cool Brothers to let her go, exclaiming that they will be sorry when Luffy gets there. He then kicked Zoro and Brook awake to continue their search. Tashigi confronts Luffy, demanding to know what he is plotting but Luffy easily dodges her smoke attack and pins her down using Haki wondering why "Smoker" got so weak. Outside, Smoker attacks Law with his jutte, but Law dodges and uses his Mes attack to literally encase and steal Smoker's heart from his body, defeating him. However Momonosuke collapses from hunger, Luffy tries to rouse him which somehow triggers a hallucination of Doflamingo in Momonosuke's mind. It is also explained why it seemed like the legs could talk, which was due to the samurai's excessive farting. When they protest that over 100 of his minions are still in the room, Caesar finally drops the facade, yelling how they are all his guinea pigs and he does not care how many of them have to perish. The two reach Punk Hazard, with Buffalo using his spinning power to blow away the gas, just in time to see Caesar come flying out of the building and hit the nearby tanker. Tashigi orders her troops to find the kids while she declares that she will stay behind in the room and fight Monet. Top Rated Lists for Punk Hazard Arc 27 items One Piece Arcs Ranked Top contributors to this wiki. [35], The dragon identifies himself as Momonosuke and soon both Luffy and he get acquainted before he tells Luffy how his situation came to be. Vergo then prepares to execute Law, but Smoker suddenly appears. We can’t WAIT to share them with you! The Brothers explain their special KYP gas bullets that cause others to become drunk in a instant, and that this is what they did to Zoro, Brook, and Sanji. [7], Meanwhile, Luffy's group notices a blizzard on the frozen side of the island, and Robin explains that it must be due to the temperature difference on the island itself. [13], Tashigi, in Smoker's body, reveals that there have been reports of kids dying or going missing near the island but whenever a ship was send to investigate, it was just chalked up to a being shipwrecks. Luffy jumps off the cliff, and before being stabbed by the icicles, Luffy uses Armament Haki to destroy the spikes from it. Some criminals were even brought to the island instead of prison for experimentation. However, he manages to break free. One Piece – I segreti di Punk Hazard, News dal Databook. In the control room, Caesar's former subordinates are dismayed from realizing they have been deceived and betrayed. Law begins to explain about Caesar's potential threat and why he wants to eliminate everyone who has come to this island. Punk Hazard for the Pirate Era minecraft one piece server. She readies to hit the ignition switch, saying a silent goodbye to Doflamingo. [14], Around four years ago, a chemical experiment failed and destroyed two of the three labs which make up the ruins of the island. When questioned by Luffy if they were his friends, Law coldly states the two are his enemies.[46]. [9], Nami's group then suddenly bursts out of the facility, which surprises everybody. In den brennenden Ruinen von Punk Hazard werden Ruffy, Zorro, Robin und Lysop von einem riesigen feuerspeienden Drachen angegriffen. Because it does not like water, it is throwing itself piece by piece to their area to avoid the lake. en streaming HD gratuit sur Anime Anime Kin'emon steps up, claiming he is called "Firefox" for the fact his sword slashes and burns. With the whole building now filled with gas, only Gate 66 of the R Block is the only means of exit. He serves Momonosuke first as he had heard he had not eaten in days. He rallies his men with a false account of how Vegapunk was malicious in his experiments and he is trying to show that his gas has the power to be used for good. Meanwhile back at the Thousand Sunny, Sanji prepares a special dish for Nami, only to realize that everybody on the ship was asleep. Zoro cites they need to be more careful, warning that he is not joking and yells to Luffy "The New World starts here. Luffy rockets up to the dragon's back and makes it bite its wing, wounding it and noticing some human legs on the dragon's head. Luffy then stands in front of Brownbeard in order to protect him, and remembers the kind words Brownbeard said about Caesar before. [43], In the second floor of the R Block, we find that Usopp has defeated Caesar's men chastising them for attacking him for no reason. Luffy and Smoker, having reached Caesar at last, break in the door and Luffy assaults Caesar with a Gear Second-enhanced punch, saying that he will not let Caesar escape again. The lab escapees finally reach outside where Law identifies the Donquixote Pirate members. [27], The G-5 Marines berate Zoro and Kin'emon for creating a hole in the shutters that the gas can get into it. He explains what happened and that he took care of his captors, but not before the Thousand Sunny was moved to the snowy section of the island. As Smoker leaves to go find Vergo, Luffy begins the second round of their battle as Caesar recovers form the sudden attack. - Q1: Qui prend le contrôle du laboratoire sur Punk Hazard ? Caesar starts to narrate what Smiley will be doing, and explains how he killed the island 4 years ago. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Looking at the structures, Robin deduces the buildings to be a former government base. [2] Suddenly, the dragon attacks, breathing fire, forcing the Straw Hats to escape the attack. One Piece Punk Hazard Arc (Episodes 579-625) The Punk Hazard arc is the twenty-sixth arc in the series and the first in the Pirate Alliance Saga of the manga and anime One Piece, continuing after the Fish man Island arc and the Fishman Island saga. Adattato da: capitolo 655 vol. One Piece Arc Punk Hazard Sub Indo, akan menampilkan kekuatan baru dai Traglefar D Law yang merupakan dokter spesialis bedah pengguna Ope Ope No Mi. The recording ends, and Smoker says that the distress call came from this island, without a doubt, due to the description of the island, and island name. Caesar orders his men to tie up the five and that he will take care of the slime falling from the sky. Tashigi counterattacks with a Haki imbued attack, injuring one of Monet's wings. Mocha tries to tell them that the candy is bad for them, and that they need to listen to Chopper. Caesar then reveals that he has Smoker's heart as well before Monet alerts Caesar that the video is ready.[25]. Brownbeard, the Straw Hat Pirates and some of the G-5 soldiers make it through as well as Tashigi. As the brokers continue to watch Caesar's men getting paralyzed, Smoker's men likewise see the effects on the video and notice the gas heading straight for them. Law's Den Den Mushi rings which he then answers.[54]. I'm playing on Hard, but everyone's at level 50 with nearly maxed out stats. [13], The crew notices that the area looked destroyed due to explosives. Usopp is concerned about the Sunny, but Franky assures him that the ship will not lose. 170 mensajes Página ... La "isla nevada" es Punk Hazard, y está claro que la gente lo está viendo desde una televisión en su barco, como ya se ha dicho muchas veces. The centaur then asks his boss to finish off the crew, and Usopp recognizes the term as the same one from from the distress call they received via the Den Den Mushi. From this Chopper deduces that the kids are being used for experiments. [22], Back outside, Caesar has beaten both Franky and Robin as well as Smoker and Tashigi, much to the distress of the remaining G-5 crew as they note that Caesar did not touch them. Sanji, Zoro, Brook and Kin'emon catch up to the dragon, while Usopp and Nami ride on Brownbeard. Naturally, Caesar did not care about the kids' fates and planned to abduct a new group of kids to continue onward deeming it an "unavoidable sacrifice". Mocha then has a moment of lucidity, realizes that she has betrayed the Straw Hats, and starts to beat down the door, while calling for Nami. Caesar then orders his men to go back to the second floor, and Momonosuke recognizes Caesar as the one who experimented on the children. Entering the New World: A Distress Call to a New Adventure, Arriving at Punk Hazard: The Adventure on the Burning Island, One Mystery After Another: The Island's Secrets Unfold, Warlord of the Sea vs. Marines, Straw Hats vs. Centaurs, Scrambled Hearts: The Truth of the Island, Peek-a-Boo! However, it was an ambush by the Yeti Cool Brothers who had shot them with gas that caused them to become drunk. Inside the research facility, Law has given Caesar Smoker's heart, much to his joy. The results of the poison gas of Shinokuni as ash surrounds the victims. Zoro is then shot into the air by Usopp and decapitates the dragon with a single slash.[3]. Sanji notices he feels weaker which Usopp notes was from getting blown up by Caesar's explosive gas.[28]. Monet then transforms into a terrifying, demonic like snow woman, capturing Chopper and Nami in her body and nearly biting into the two. Momonosuke had tried to warn the other kids but wound up in the garbage disposal by accident. Baby 5 transforms into a sword, and Buffalo cuts the shield in half with her. Law then tells Luffy that it is time to make their move for a counterattack.[26]. Chopper then recognizes Law from Sabaody Archipelago, and accuses him of kidnapping the children, and says that Law will never get them back. Sanji and Franky protecting the children. However, Chopper is unable to fight without hurting the children and is beaten down before the Rumble Ball wears off. He comes to the conclusion that his son must still be inside. The underlings taunt Usopp thinking his captain ran away but Usopp counters that Luffy is not one to surrender, no matter how hopeless the situation is and that in the end, even if Usopp wanted to run away, Luffy trusts his crewmates and that they are more than happy to return his fidelity. Brook starts crying and calling out to them, though calmed down by Usopp afterwards. His fellow comrades pull him out with the Marine yelling he cannot feel his face. Luffy knocks out one fish but it just attracts a bigger one, and that fish attracts an even bigger eel. Nonetheless Law slices his head in half and taunts him before bidding "Pirate Vergo" farewell. However a few of Caesar's men still remain in denial about Caesar's declaration, thinking it part of his plan against Luffy and open the vents. Nami, oddly enough, finds it rather cute. However the fruit's power activated in Momonosuke and turned him into his dragon form. With Luffy's group, Usopp speaks with Brook, who finally awakened after being gassed. Sanji tells Luffy that he managed to cut off some meat, but the fish that they had caught had been burnt to a crisp by the sea of flames. [5], The children ask if the group is part of the frozen people while most of the boys gush over seeing Franky's robotic appearance. Baby 5 and he talk, it's revealed that she has the power of the Buki Buki no Mi, and that her earlier assault on Doflamingo was due to him destroying a city due to a guy she liked and that he constantly does this every time she takes an interest in someone. Pinterest. He explains when they were freeing some of the kids, the girl Momonosuke talked with, told the samurai about what happened to him. Having no choice, Mocha puts the entire batch of candy in her mouth. He also warns Smoker to advise Sakazuki to keep an eye on Doflamingo as he poses the biggest threat to the Marines and also requests the G-5 Marines promise not to reveal he was there. As Mocha continues to run from the berserk children, she has a flashback to Caesar lying to her and the kids children about their "illness" and how he had a son who also died from it, which is why Caesar wanted to heal the children. Luffy is caught in the blast and starts to fall to which Caesar calls for his slimes to grab him. Tashigi says that being cut but not dying is a shame to a swordsman, but Law tells her that weaklings cannot decide how they want to die, making her try to attack him again. The group looks around, and discovers that there are frozen bodies lined up throughout the room. When Rock fires upon Luffy, the young captain says that Rayleigh taught him that just reflecting bullets was sloppy, and that instead he should bounce back the bullets with twice the power with the technique Gomu Gomu No Thank You Fire. Caesar's defeat at the hands of Luffy would result in the Big Mom Pirates hunting them to capture Caesar, which was later revealed to be because of Big Mom wanting Caesar to continue his gigantification experiments. We can’t WAIT to share them with you! However, the children simply beat the giant hands down and rush to obtain the candy. [41], In the first floor of Building R, Caesar sees the damage to his base and is quite upset over it. Caesar's men confirm with Caesar that Smiley has finally reached the Ice Lands. The gas begins to seep in and, due to her wounds, Zoro is forced to carry Tashigi to catch up with the others, to which Tashigi is outraged at. Law proclaims the first step of his agenda has been completed. After the East Blue saga, this one is probably my least favorite so far. When questioned by Usopp why, she tells him the reason is because her being a pirate would only complicate matters if she attempts doing so herself to which he agrees, also mentioning she feels safe around female Marines due to the fact her foster mother, Bell-mère, was one. At the lab entrance, the G-5 Marines ignore Law's warning and try to arrest the Straw Hats. Nami notes there are regular-sized kids there as well before the samurai asks the kids if they seen a boy named Momonosuke. [49], Doflamingo laughs and tells him that he does not do business with kids, and warns Law not to mess with him. Los Sombrero de Paja prosiguen su travesía por … Luffy heads out, and is oblivious to the fact that Franky has gone berserk, as he instructs him to follow him. Asking if the two woman are satisfied and chiding Tashigi for being too slow, he approaches Monet admitting that there are things he will not cut before asking if she has ever met a wild animal that is guaranteed not to bite. He tells Smoker he will hold off their fight until he gets his body back, much to Smoker's chagrin. As they do, one of the kids, a giant boy, begs the group to take them off the island. Brook, Zoro and Kin'emon attack them to get them out of the way. One of the Marines suggest pushing it into the water and stupidly tries to do so but get sucked into the slime. The two clash with Luffy landing a few solid hits. Meanwhile on the ocean, the Thousand Sunny is sailing down a "Sea Slope" away from the island. The dragon seemingly talks, and asks who they are. However, before Luffy can comfort him, an explosion rocks the building which Law notes came from the SAD room. Caesar notices they have come to rescue him and decides to eliminate Smoker with the heart that was given to him by Law. As the Marines keep scorning the pirates, the children want to express gratitude to the pirates for helping them, but cannot because the Marines are trying to prevent the children from doing so. He then hits Caesar with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Stamp attack which seems to finish off the scientist. All of them reach the laboratory at the same time. Robin then points out that their bodies were switched causing Luffy to laugh when he realizes who "Tashigi" is. He instructs Momonosuke to stay with Brownbeard, he heads down a passage which Caesar takes as him fleeing in cowardice. He orders his troops to commandeer one of the enemy's ships and notify Marine Headquarters, claiming he cannot leave the island until he gets his body and mind back away from Law's control. Luffy encounters Momonosuke in his dragon form. Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, and Robin encounter a dragon. Law explains that the Four Emperors have spheres of influence all over the New World but are underground so as not to attract the Marines' attention. [18], Law explains how the children were test subjects to make giants, most likely for armies, and that the project initially started with the World Government. But as he tries to follow it up, Caesar uses a castanet to send out explosive gas. Monet then tells Mocha not to keep the candy all to herself and that she should share the candy with the other children. [17], Suddenly Law shows up, and at first is greeted by Scotch, but then Law bifurcates him, unleashes his Counter Shock ability and quickly defeats Scotch. [49], Law mockingly states that this will mean the admirals from Marine Headquarters will then be free to hunt him down like every other pirate. The warship almost crashes into a wall of ice, but the ship manages to blast their way through. The crew decides to break out, so Franky uses his Radical Beam to blow the door down. [39], Brownbeard is then seen on the first floor of Building R, screaming at the door stating that he will tell his men Caesar's true colors. Luffy mistakes the whale they hit for Laboon. Trafalgar Law, two years later and now a Warlord. The Marines then draw up a line and tell the pirates not to cross the line, as they are pirates and therefore, a stain on humankind. What is more he is fighting against some of the giant children to the bewilderment of his crew mates. Brook asks about the Mini Merry II to which Franky explains he had found a sea passage away from the research laboratory and moved the ship to go pick it up. [9], Back in the Biscuits Room, Sanji and Franky discover the lower half of the Punk Hazard staff's bodies are those of sheep. Caesar states that he does not like this room, as the room was originally Vegapunk's old control room. However multiple projectiles fired by Usopp quickly take him out. The brothers then shot the cliff causing the three to plunge to a lower cliff filled with icicle spikes. This allows Usopp and Nami to awaken and go after the children while Brownbeard fights Caesar off. An emergency broadcast is heard from the D Building that Law is in the manufacture room of the SAD room much to the panic of Caesar and Vergo, with the latter stating it was what Law was after ever since he became a Warlord of the Sea and that whatever he is planning will make a mess of the New World. [47], As everyone enjoys themselves, a few of Smoker's men tell him that they got the "killer" gases weakness out of Caesar and are going back into the island to rescue their comrades. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. [40][41], In the SAD production room, Vergo defeats Smoker, though it is revealed that Smoker was only acting as a diversion so Law could retrieve his heart without resistance. They are interrupted by Luffy, who asks if they are ready to start. On her suggestion, Caesar abandons the battle and leaves hoping to locate Law, though promises he has a method to make guinea pigs out of Luffy and his friends.[32]. Facebook. Also with them is Caesar who they have dragged along who continues making threats against them. However a piece of paper suddenly falls on him which turns out to be a note telling him "Don't Do Anything" to his confusion on who threw it. [7], Elsewhere, the winged-woman Usopp spotted talks to someone on portable Den Den Mushi about the four intruders as she makes her way over a frozen area. Nami and Usopp try to fight him off with Usopp even trying to blow him up with a Firebird Star. Monet claims it as a failure but Caesar disagrees, claiming the explosion he did four years ago was part of his schemes. Seeing nothing to gain from engaging Kuzan, Doflamingo takes his leave, but not before questioning Kuzan what he stands for due to rumors he had heard. The Slime then releases a cloud of what appears to be poisonous gas that seems to suffocate the centaurs. Caesar decides to go down to the first floor in order to deal with him. He hits Caesar knocking him to the ground. A few of Tashigi's men are caught in it prompting Sanji to usher the remaining soldiers ahead. [50], Luffy informs the rest of the crew about the alliance he formed with Law's crew and his intention of dethroning the Emperor. But Franky was unaffected, and immediately continues to battle. Only Luffy was unaccounted for as he was still in the C Building Garbage Disposal which he fell into. However when told of what happened to Caesar by Luffy, an irritated Law sets off after him. [11], Meanwhile, Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Robin, and Brook have defeated the centaurs, stolen their warm clothes, and forced their leader, Brownbeard, to carry them to the other side of the island. The four make for it in hopes of grabbing on and getting clear of the gas.[26]. Law manages to hit Vergo with a Counter Shock, but the attack is ineffective on Vergo.

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